Companies - Meet your new developers recruitment partner!

External Education at Reichman University is launching the first ever academic professional BootCampus!

Based on a collaboration between the Academy and industry.


WebDev graduates are a new source of hiring for Israeli high-tech companies.


We are pleased to invite leading companies to join us and take a meaningful role in training the next generation of top-notch developers.


If you're going to partner with a Bootcamp, better make it a BootCampus!

About the program

An Innovative academic-professional web developer program, that trains and reskills talents and academic degree holders, for careers in software development


Building the best training center for hi-tech professionals in Israel.


Strengthening the success of human capital in Israel.


Integrating hundreds of graduates a year in the industry and impart required knowledge according to market needs.


Addressing the digital divide and inequality in the Israeli society.


What's in it for YOU?

  • Address the most burning need in the industry: integrate excellent developers into your workforce.
  • Join us to revolutionize training programs for excellent developers. Shape and impact the new BootCampus in Israel with Reichman University. You will be given the opportunity to turn your experience into practical training.
  • Upward your company’s mobility in the workforce and Invest in long-term capability. With WebDev you will expand your recruiting pipeline by accessing a talented, loyal, and experienced group of graduates.
  • You can strengthen the success of human capital in Israel. Invest in digital inclusion for the Hi-Tech sector. 

Who are we looking for?

Share our vision to enhance the Israeli workforce
Seek new talents to join your dev teams
Upskill current employees into dev positions
Passionate about making an impact and promoting diversity

Talented and motivated to grow and gain new skills
Have a passion for tech
Interested in integrating into the hi-tech industry
Advantage for academic degree holders from all fields

How will the partnership work?

Training as a service

Reskilling or retraining excellent candidates to become software developers. Partner companies will be able to interview the program's participants and integrate them within their company.

Your in-house BootCampus

The partner company will have the opportunity to identify potential employees from within the company and train them in the field of software development. Upon passing all the screening stages the company will pay part or all of the employee's tuition. Upon completion of the program, the employee will be assigned his new position at the company as a developer.

Addressing the digital divide

The track is dedicated to participants from the geosocial periphery of Israel and diverse populations. The cost will include scholarship and personal support throughout the program. A socio-economic assessment will be conducted.

Our unique value

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