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The Positive Psychology program by Maitiv Center leasing by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar addresses the experience of a “complete person” and optimal well-being. This program gives participants an in-depth view of positive psychology, the science of personal and social flourishing in all aspects and stages of life. The positive psychology approach has many applications in personal life, leadership, counseling, coaching, parenting and education. During the program, participants learn how to become better acquainted with themselves and to ask the right questions; bring about sustainable changes in their lives and thus contribute to their surroundings as well; generate healthy personal and professional communication patterns; learn to examine situations from different perspectives and thus reinforce resilience and well-being and develop and anchor self-esteem and optimism.

The Maytiv Center for the Study and Practice of Positive Psychology was founded and headed by Dr. Tal Ben-Schachar, an internationally renowned expert in the Positive Psychology field

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Shahar | rhetoric@idc.ac.il | 054-5870073


ניהול אקדמי

מועד פתיחה

Weekly online sessions 9
17:00-20:15 IST


Adi Feld senior Lecturer at The Maytiv Center. Delivers talks at organizations, communities and private events. By training, a certified lawyer and an organizational psychologist. Owes a master's degree from Baruch College / City University of New York.

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