Dikla Wagner

 (Head of Tech Scouting in Israel- Munich Re (Group

Experienced innovation&strategy consultant with vast experience in the start-ups, tech, life science, and investment worlds. I am a highly driven individual, always looking for the next challenge and the next problem to solve. Speaker in the areas of Digital Innovation, Customer-Centric Strategy, Outcome-Driven Innovation, Digital Health. Previously, an investment team member at Qure VC and Co-founder and CEO of Medi-Crowd, a NPO, crowdfunding platform enabling individual donors to directly fund digital projects in developing countries. Led Business Development for the High-Tech and Life Science Department at Grant Thornton Israel. Prior to that, founded m-Health, a start-up focus on OTC drugs. Previously, managed a cross-function economic team at GT Israel. Additionally, worked with accelerators and centers of entrepreneurship where she mentored and consulted over 100 entrepreneurs and students in transforming ideas into reality. hold Bachelor’s in Law from Bar Ilan University and Master in Business Administration from College of Management.

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