Executive Training and External Studies

We live in a world that poses new and complex challenges for executives and organizations. The force, pace, depth and frequency of changes is greater than ever. More and more executives and organizations understand that they need new and exceptional ways of thinking, management methods and tools. Executives and organizations understand that the rate of change requires an approach in which knowledge and business, managerial and professional tools are kept up-to-date throughout their entire professional careers and the lifespan of their organizations.

who make their mark on the dynamic and complex managerial environment in which they operate. We strive to challenge existing modes of thinking, develop new opportunities and create actionable inspiration. The Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center is a non-profit organization and its income from the Executive Education and the External Studies program are intended to support its vision and goals.
The Executive Education Center and External Studies Program at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center initiates, develops and organizes interdisciplinary, international and interpersonal training programs that provide a real and unique response to the needs of organizations, executives and senior professionals. Our goal is to create a creative and personal dialog between academia and practice, by developing leaders

We offer 4 types of programs
Executive Courses

Programs intended for individual executives and professionals from various organizations, which offer the forefront of knowledge and practice in designated areas, such as a Directors’ and Officers’ course, a Real Estate Management and Finance course, a Creative Intelligence course, an International Mergers and Acquisitions course, a Future Forefront course and more.

Programs for Organizations

Designated intra-organizational programs specifically designed for the organization's needs and aimed at its management, its executives and its employees.

Global Executive Programs

Global programs on subjects of innovation, enterprises and creativity intended for senior executives and businesspeople from around the world, and academic programs abroad for Israeli companies and executives.

External Studies

External study programs offering continuing studies for professionals in collaboration with the various schools at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center, in fields of Business Administration, Law, Computer Science, Psychology, Government and Diplomacy, Communications, Sustainability and Economics.

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