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Executive Courses

Executive courses focus on six axes: GLOBAL. STRATEGY. BUSINESS. COMLEXITY. INNOVATION. EXPERT We offer executives an intentional and self-aware break from their regular activities to load up on implementable ways of thinking, ideas, learning methods and inspiration and allow them to exceed their and their organization’s limits of success through value-oriented leadership that makes an impression on the dynamic and complex business environment in which they operate. The courses’ lecturers are members of the Interdisciplinary Center’s faculty, with extensive experience in training executives in Israel and in leading universities around the world, as well as other leading lecturers, from academia as well as from the business world, in Israel and abroad.”

The Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center Executive Training and External Studies program initiates and develops open registration courses for senior professionals, businesspeople and leading decision makers in the private and public sectors, in Israel and around the world, with the aim of providing a real and distinct response to their needs. Our goal is to present fascinating academic discoveries to executives for them to use, and to integrate the executives’ rich experiences into our academic insight, by creating a challenging and exciting executive development programs that succeed in doing the impossible and combine academic quality with applicable tools, classics with innovation, the general with the specific, the global with the local, the collective with the individual, the enjoyable with the illuminating.